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Somebody else is already taking care of the pets, you can only view the place.


Hello I had too many pets on my other accounts in this game so I abandoned them and someone else is taking care of them :( Mudbud and Cherry's puppies are not puppies anymore and I gave Mudbud's daughter Dazzling ,and ex wife Cherry to someone else but they have disappeared, and I don't know why :(. ( Also a message for the person who keeps deleting my food bowl) HOW DARE YOU S __ __ i !! IF YOU DON'T STOP DELETING MY FOOD BOWL I WILL REPORT YOU TO THE ADMINISTATORS !! Also incase you've seen the message that Bubbles birthday is on Aug. 18th, that's actually not true, his birthday on Aug. 11th, not Aug. 18th, since Bubbles was just a year old yesterday on Aug. 10th 2022. And today on Aug. 11th he's two years old! Btw I deleted my food bowl on May 2 2023, because one of my dogs went on it, instead of going outside :(

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Unblock it

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4 in a row

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Find pairs

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Sheep Jumping

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Hit the mice

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Slam it !

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Save the pet

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Domino game

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Frogger game

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Path game

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Simon says

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Jumping Pet

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Guess who

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Castle defense

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Crazy eights

Play Game - Tetris


Play Game - Game of goose

Game of goose


  • Specie : dog
  • Current feeling : ...
  • Age : 2 years, 9 monthes
  • Wish : I want to win at Game of goose in the parc !
  • Life experience : 120599
  • Weight : 7.38 kg (92% of ideal)
  • Height : 74 cm (92% of ideal)
  • Sexe : Male
Food 30%
Health 100%
Happiness 29%
Strength 0%
Intelligence 100%
Energy 0%


  • Specie : dog
  • Current feeling : ...
  • Age : 2 years, 8 monthes
  • Wish : I want a pumpkin from the store !
  • Life experience : 123066
  • Weight : 7.55 kg (94% of ideal)
  • Height : 74 cm (92% of ideal)
  • Sexe : Male
Food 29%
Health 100%
Happiness 19%
Strength 0%
Intelligence 100%
Energy 16%


  • Specie : dog
  • Current feeling : ...
  • Age : 2 years, 7 monthes
  • Wish : I want an apple from the store !
  • Life experience : 124254
  • Weight : 6.79 kg (84% of ideal)
  • Height : 72 cm (90% of ideal)
  • Sexe : Male
Food 31%
Health 30%
Happiness 3%
Strength 0%
Intelligence 99%
Energy 0%
  • If your pet is hungry, he will loose health
    If your pet's health is low he will loose life espectancy

  • Your pet can have babies with the other pets in the parc
    Your pet should be at least 15 days old and 100 live experience in order to have babies

  • Buying a cat poo is good for the health of your pet
    Presence of poo on the floor is bad

  • If your pet attacks a painting it will be broken
    Broken objects have no effets anymore

  • Flowers are a good way to improve your pet's health
    Paintings will improve your pet's intelligence

  • You can teach your pet not to do something
    by punishing him afterwards he does it

  • When an object is broken you can repair it
    Simply click on a broken object

  • You can talk to your pet, he will learn from what you say
    Every action of the pet is determined by passed actions and pet's knowledge

  • Double click on an object to remove it from game
    Click on coins to get more money !

  • If your pet is intelligent, he can pick up coins for you
    Reward him when he does, so that he will keep doing that !

  • You pet will always have a wish. Fullfill it and your pet will gain life experience.